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Rhode Island

Brown Boosts Immunity is seeking to raise awareness for vaccine efficacy and promote the increased uptake of vaccinations within the Rhode Island community.

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Why do you vaccinate?

Professor Achilli, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology

“As a mother to three young children, it is my responsibility to guarantee that they have successful, healthy, and happy futures. Choosing to vaccinate my children at an early age ensures that they do not suffer from preventable diseases that could jeopardize their potential to be productive members of society.”

Ya'el Sarig, Public Health Concentrator

“Vaccination is a way to show your community you care about them—to show that the immunocompromised or those unable to receive a vaccine will not be left behind. Modern technology has enabled us to keep infectious diseases from overwhelming our communities; I intend to use that gift.”


To vaccinate means to protect your community. Brown Boosts Immunity is a community-based initiative that seeks to help Rhode Islanders become informed about the science and ethics behind vaccines in order to promote vaccine confidence. With this increased awareness, a simple vaccine can help protect your friends and family within the Rhode Island community.


It has never been more important to boost your immunity. With your help, we can prevent the spread of diseases before we have to deal with the consequences. You can take part in this initiative to further encourage vaccine uptake. Use your voice, share your story, and use our hashtag, #VaccinatetheOceanState, to help vaccinate our community.

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